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general classes

Held on a Saturday morning, this is the best place for a child who is new to dance to begin with us.

We do not follow a syllabus in these classes and thus are free to explore all types of dance steps and movement which promotes an enjoyment of the art of dance.

These classes are also where we do all our rehearsing for our school shows and any other performances we undertake.


Under 5's Class (Babies)

Our baby class is a fun class in which we do tap (we love making noise!) and then have a mostly ballet based class which includes lots of miming, imagery and singing. We also dance with our teddies and although we are learning lots of steps, we are having so much fun we don't always realise it!

This class is designed to inspire creativity, strengthen basic motor skills and encourage children to learn the basics of dance.


Juveniles, Juniors, Seniors

All of our other general classes take on the same format but at different levels according to the age group. The class will usually be modern or ballet based and include some body conditioning then dance work that we would not use in a syllbus class. This allows the students to break away for the set exam work and appreciate the freedom and enjoyment of dance.