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exam classes

Our exam classes are available for children aged 3 and over, and run Monday to Thursday in the afternoon and evening.

We offer classes from Pre-Syllabus to Advanced 2 level in Ballet, Tap & Modern.

These classes are structured classes where students learn set syllabus exercises and a high level of discipline and commitment is required.

We usually hold examination sessions 3 times per year and when the required standard is reached then the student may enter for the exam.

As all children learn at different rates it is our policy never to hold a child back if they are capable, and similarly never to push a child to enter for an exam before they are ready.

We have 100% pass rate in every subject with oustanding results.

our syllabus

For our Ballet, Tap & Modern exams we follow The BBOdance syllabus.

BBOdance is recognised worldwide as one of the most prestigious dance examining societies and is an Awarding Body whose qualifications are recognised by the regulatory authority for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

BBOdance is an accredited society of The Council for Dance Education and Training


For over 70 years BBOdance has sustained it's unique 'family' ethos and provided support and encouragement to dance students of all ages, experience and abilities. Its syllabus, with specially composed music, develops artistic, physical and expressive qualities.


We also use the United Teachers of Dance (UTD) and Allied Dance Association.

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